What was the one experience that completely changed

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

My desire to help the needy has promoted me to earn more and share more. It really changed the life the life that I always wanted. Know all people across the global countries, Identify the needy and share with them what is mine completely without any discrimination.


From Philadelphia with Love

Good feelings are always born in the heart and mind processes it and our gestures display it.

Pinoy Transplant in Iowa

Philadelphia. It is commonly referred as Philly and is also known as the City of Brotherly Love, obviously from what its name implies. (Philia means brotherly love in Greek). Last month, I attended a conference held in this city, and we had the opportunity to tour it.

Below is one of the well-known landmark in the city, the LOVE Park.


This city was founded by William Penn in 1682 to serve as the capital of Pennsylvania Colony. Currently it is one of the largest cities in America, being 5th of the most populous cities in the US.

Below is the city hall of Philadelphia. Construction of this building started in 1871, and was designed originally as the tallest building in the world. However, upon its completion in 1901, it was already surpassed by the Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower. Who do you think is the statue of, on top of the building?…

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Sense-ational Impressions

In today’s work day world do u think people have time to think on those things. Many times interviewer do not even have time to look through one CV. Ideally the aspirants focus on job and its description. One should first ask certain essential questions to self what he or she would be doing if given an opportunity to interview candidates. This would certainly ensure success up to 90%

In our Interviewing workshops, we typically recommend that job seekers go into an interview odorless (i.e. without their favorite lotion, perfume, or aftershave), so as not to trigger any allergic reactions with the interviewers. We also recommend that they try to keep their wardrobe color pallet neutral, so that it is them and their amazing skills that are memorable – not their SCREAMING clothes. While I’m positive that these recommendations are valid, my curiosity was piqued about just how big of a role these “sensory” factors play . . . so I decided to do a little research.

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I’m a work in progress

Speed is the essence of competition. The work in progress has to completed before deadline crush appears. Creativity is not just spur of moment but controlled thoughts would always finish before some one else making the creator someone special in this beautiful world.

Personality 101

A work in progress 

that’s what I am

my paintings steel being processed in a painters mind

dripping paint onto a canvas of mine  

an image waiting to be processed over time

black and white

yellow and green

who knows how this will turn out

I’m not perfect not at all you see

I’m a work in progress 

I’m roughly drawn around the edges

waiting for my colors to be field in

I’m a work in progress

waiting for my frame work

heavy duty it will be

so I’ll stand up to all weather you see

I’m a work in progress for all to see

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Identity unravelled yet

Identity in today’s work day world has become very important thing (not to mention Professional) for successful life. One desire for many things in life perhaps without creating an perfect identity that would ensure the golden square destiny of their choice.

To create and achieve one should know who they are and what they have in them. As someone greatly said that Genius are always created, not born. But also should know that they born with certain specific skills. These skills has to be honed while creating perfect identity in the professional world. There are no magic wands for creating so. One should also know that there are nothing called perfection in this imperfect world.Contrary right, but aim to perfect, at least that will take you up to excellence making something special by someone special in this ever changing world.